Preppy Boho.

I love fashion. But something I don't like about it is it's restrictions - some trends & styles are constraining. I don't like the - this is "in", but that is so "out".  I don't like that we sometimes judge people based on the brand their wearing, if they are dressed "so last season" or are wearing something that is not what you'd find in the latest fashion magazine. I think designers and labels can be so fun and I love many of them, but at the same time I sometimes feel like personal creativity can be squelched by brand names, labels, and always having to have the latest trends. Sometimes we just can't afford to buy a whole new wardrobe that aligns with everything the celebrities are wearing or the exact predictions of People Stylewatch. And I think that's okay.

So here's to expressing ourselves through our clothing. Wearing what we think looks cute, makes us feel confident, and aligns with what we love and believe. Here's to fashion your way! I plan to share more outfits here at Sweetness Itself in 2013. And I plan to use my own personal style and creativity to share with you outfits that inspire me & make me feel confident. And I hope it inspires you do the same! This week..... Preppy Boho: 

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The red bracelet I'm wearing supports an amazing cause - my friend Morgan @ Quite the Blog  has an amazing heart and company called "Want Less GIVE More"
The beautiful bracelet - "12.14.12", a commemoration and reminder of the victims of the tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT and all proceeds from the bracelet will go to Newtown Youth and Family Services that is helping victim's families directly. What a wonderful way to do something small to send love to the families. Every time I look at the bracelet, I am reminded to pray for those precious ones who lost so much. Get yours here! 

Blessings and love this week, friends.


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