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You know those days when you wake up and you just can't shake a feeling of discouragement? You go through the day, go through the motions, doubts and fears creeping into your mind, your heart slowly but ever so surely becoming unsettled. I was there this morning - until the Lord, in the way He so sweetly does, gently reminded of me who He is. Exodus 14:14 kept popping up.... all day long. You know when that happens? In my morning devotional (She Reads Truth), a Facebook status I saw, and a blog post I read. 

"The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent." 
-Exodus 14:14 

He is good and faithful, He is there when we are struggling and when we call on Jesus - all things are possible. Remember that with me today. And be encouraged by these posts by some of my friends: 

Amber reminded us of this truth, and it left me in tears. 

April talks about surviving abuse and addiction

Nadine shares on the only One who can satisfy

Krystaladele explains her word for 2013

L wrote about why we have dreams. 

Danise encourages us with the truth that God is doing a new thing in 2013

Kate shares the cutest pictures of her little one

A few moments and inspirations from my week, I hope they inspire you.

Remember Thankful Sweetness? It's back. (And it's high time it was back, too!) 
Throughout the week, make a thankful list with 4 or more simple things you are thankful for. Take a picture of the list. Add the hashtag #ThankfulSweetness and post to Twitter and/or Instagram. I will share some of them every week in a post :) 
And I want to expand it a little for 2013 - don't let the thankfulness stop at our lists. Add our hashtag #ThankfulSweetness to ANY photo that depicts something you're thankful for. I hope and pray this builds greater community among us and fosters in our hearts gratefulness. 

Enjoy and be encouraged by the lists from this past week: 

Starting with mine (Please excuse the slight confusion of the month - bahaha. I was tired that night) 

Hugs and blessings to you and you and you.

Have a beautiful, inspired week!



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