palm trees & christmas trees live side by side

I love Southern California in the winter. It's not your typical "winter scene" but I love it. And who wouldn't? Bright Christmas bulbs shine in the warm sunlight. Palm trees and Christmas trees live side by side. And when the Santa Ana winds blow, tradition has it that "anything can happen" :) (Remember that quote from "The Holiday"?) I wish you could join me for a scroll around LA in all it's Christmas cheer, but since you can't, I will share some of my favorite views of it from this past weekend.

One of my favorites houses in LA - designed by the creator of the Barbie Doll. (I may or may not secretly want to live there someday. Although the pink and purple color scheme maaaay get old fast. Nevermind, I'll just take the "Father of the Bride" house in Pasadena.) 

Love to you from California!

Have a beautiful week, friends.