a little Christmas inspiration

I'm in the middle of preparing a special little Christmas surprise for you all! But, since it's not quite finished yet, I want to share a few Christmasy inspirations with you, in photos and in blog posts that have touched my heart or inspired me! 

Inspiring posts I loved this week, if you have a few minutes.. you should read them. 

--> That Suburban Momma shares about making time for simple things. 

--> Rae writes about the artist's never-ending battle to conform versus create.

--> Nadine talks about leaving a legacy

--> Silver shows us how to be fashionably "boho" 

--> Amber reminds us to turn our eyes away from worthless things & idols

--> Whole Magazine discusses the gift of singleness. 

--> Danise shares words to live by

--> Have you gotten your Christmas cards yet? Design beautiful ones here! 

A little Christmas present comin' your way from me to you this weekend :) 

Be blessed!




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