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"Change will come as surely as the seasons and twice as quick."

When I first heard those words (on none other than the classic movie, "Little Women"...love that story) I was a little girl. Years later as an adult, I understand them more fully and I appreciate their truth all the more. The past few days, surrounded by family, I realized this truth afresh. Change happens inevitably, and we cannot hold time in our hands... it slips through our fingers just as quickly as sand through an hourglass. And as we age and grow, that realization can be scary. But I am learning, more and more, to embrace and savor and enjoy every moment instead of mourning their passing and fearing their loss. To cherish the little things, the small moments - for they add up and become the years that pass, the years and ages we kiss goodbye. Those sweet moments that soon become memories. 

My birthday Thanksgiving was special. All day, a song I hadn't thought of for years was stuck in my head, replaying. Written by one of my old family friends & mentors, the song lyrics are all about God's love, and I would like to share them with you, my dear reader. 

Lord, Your faithful love... it comes to me like healing.
And it's leaving me undone, Your mercy and favor revealing.
From the bottom of my heart, I know You are who You say You are.
So I'll give all I am to You. 

Isn't His love beautiful? In His love is the source of my joy. Because of His love, I can fearlessly embrace another year, excited for His plans. He is faithful, my friend. Never forget that.

Sharing some of my last few days... examples of His faithful love in small things: 

// Snapshots from a Thanksgiving Birthday // 

My sweet dad took me out on a birthday breakfast date in the morning. 
While my little sister Mandy spent the morning hanging out with Dick Van Dyke (her hubby is a sound engineer in Hollywood and Dick Van Dyke ran an event he worked.) Being a huge throw-back, 1950's/60's TV show fan, I was totes jealous.
And mama cooked up the most beautiful feast. She's a chef, I tell ya.
We remembered. How when our great-grandpa was asked, "Do you want pumpkin or apple pie?" He simply answered, "Yes." Which meant, of course, he wanted both. I now follow in his footsteps.
And then, football. 
I found so very much to be thankful for this year. It was fitting for me to celebrate my birthday on Thanksgiving, the Lord's way of reminding me to see my life through the lens of gratefulness. And I hope you did too. I hope that you and I both savor these days as they turn into years, thankful for each moment - focusing on "haves" rather than "wants." Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Each email, comment, and tweet meant the world to me and warmed my heart. 

Love to you this week, as you set up your trees and whip out your twinkle lights. Oh, and if you need some cheery Christmas music to liven up the decorating, check out my friend Bri's favorite blogger's Christmas Playlist 2012 - I'm honored to be included, and excited to find some fabulous new songs.

Happy last few days of November. 
It's almost Christmas, you guys!
Bring it on.



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