//art in the everyday.

What is art? I think sometimes we have these grand ideas of what art is. Most days, I wish I had time to sit at my desk and create lovely scrapbooks, dabble in watercolor painting, and mod podge vintage postcards onto blank canvases. But life gets busy, doesn't it? Things move so fast. Work calls to us, leaving us exhausted at the end of the day and too weary to create. Family life can be demanding, and you mamas out there constantly give and give, finding little time for extra hobbies. You young gals may be swamped with homework this weekend, books stacked up on your desk and a 2-page long list of "to-do's" and deadlines looming before you. Wherever you find yourself, I think most of you can relate with my feelings on this... not enough time, energy, or really - just inspiration - to do special little projects and express ourselves creatively. And while taking "me time" to care for our hearts and souls is important (including time to explore our creativity) I am learning, as I get older, that art is not simply paint and canvas. 

Life is art.

flower created by my  sweet friend  I first shared this idea last spring

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, and the idea has been on my heart again lately. 

Although it's nice, we don't need hours of free time and endless art supplies to explore our creativity and to make things of beauty. Life can be art. Life is a gift, and how beautiful it is. It's all in our perspective... choosing to see life as an opportunity - and choosing to live


This week, I've chosen to see life as art. 

The simple, little things in your every day life add up to make the big things. 

They can be your art. And this everyday art? It can make your days ever so beautiful.

Art is a new, unique manicure... like wearing a love letter on your hands. 

It's the way you display your jewelry and decorate a little shelf.

And the way you pick out your Christmas tree. 

Art can simply be the way you fold your towels.

Or the way you love spending the day with your mama. 

Art is in the way you stand in your closet and choose what to wear on an ordinary day.

And the morning ritual of spooning richly fragrant coffee grounds into a filter. 

It is the way you sit and read, write, think, & sip Holiday Tea at a bookstore on a rainy day.

And art can simply be hanging a string of old fashioned Christmas bulbs along your vanity mirror. It's the perfect lighting for makeup, after all. (Ignore my dirty mirror. I am.) 

The other day, I read these words by the great artist, Van Gogh. 

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Embrace your art. Even if it is just simply giving someone you love a hug.

Life is beautiful.

Live your art.

Love you all!!

You are loved and you are special. 

Remember that :)



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