be still.

darling friend,

where is your heart....  today?

is it heavy?

is it weary?

are you tired?

are you worried?

full of anxiety? 


in pain?

on the breaking point?

happy but tired?


honestly, i began to sink into fear this morning. fear over an unknown future. fear of what God has planned...plans that don't "fit" my plans. fear over so many little things. and then i was reminded of this.....this truth.

know this. know this truth and hold fast to it today - you'll get through whatever it is, my friend... whatever it is you fear. if you hold to Him. 

all my love and prayers.

(and i promise to be back very soon with all the stories and photos from my travels. 
just want to make sure they're edited all cute for you ;) 




also - 
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