4 favorites. //fall edition//

As I sit by a warm fire cupping a hot mug of caramel vanilla tea in my hands, I am thankful. Thankful for so many things - little and big. And thankful for you. For this space, this blogging community - for a "net" to catch us when we are honest and hurting, as I was a few nights ago.

I realized afresh how many sweet, kind hearted and beautiful people are out there. Through all the darkness and pain in this world, there is so much light, so many people being Jesus to those around them. I am learning that we are all different. But in so many ways, we are all very much the same. And I love this "net", this sisterhood here on the Internet. Who would've thought we'd find each other, huh? 

So friends, thank you. For your sweet words, precious emails, loving prayers. I love you all. And I love the community we are all building through our little blogs.

I pray your weekend was beautiful, even in small ways. And I just wanted to pop in and share a few of my favorite things - about Fall :)

I love Fall, don't you? 

I love...Pumpkin Spice Coffee. (It's the best. Ever. Find it at Trader Joe's)

I love... chambray shirts and big, loose curls.

I love... weekends full of family, football, and a fire in the fireplace. 

I love... promises of God that we can rest and lean on when we just can't stand on our own.

Also... a few weeks ago, I was asked to write a post for Speak Now, an amazing organization that empowers young women. If you'd like to read my article and explore the beautiful website, visit this link.  

Love to you this week. 
I have some fun things in store this week, can't wait.

Keep your head held high,
we are not alone.

Stay strong,



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