sweet, simple, real.

If you asked me, I would tell you that as I get older I realize how important simple things are. 
I would tell you that I used to think the big things mattered most.
Now I see it's the small things, after all.
Don't get all wrapped up in having the big things, friend.
Big things can be exciting. But I think the small things.....are even better.
But take time this week and look for the small things that really aren't so small.
The simple things that don't demand your attention.
Pay attention to those things this week. 
For, they are really the big things in the end.
Like turning the pages of a book before bed instead of watching TV.
A baby's smile.
The last sweet, juicy slices of watermelon of the summer.
A friend's warm voice over the phone.
The truth you read in the Psalms that overwhelms you with peace.
New vanilla scented lotion.
A kind email from a new friend.
Laughing with your co-worker.
A hot cuppa tea.
The almost-Fall breeze.

And be thankful. We have so much. 
I love the quote above by Laura Ingalls Wilder. She said that after growing up as a poor pioneer on the prairie; she became a woman and at the end of her life was embraced by the world as a beloved and successful author of the "Little House on the Prairie" series. And yet her heart knew that the most important things were the simple, unassuming ones.

Sharing with you the sweet, simple, real things that I found this past week.

Spending time with out of town family this weekend. My cousin's sweet baby is such a doll.
My new hoop art from Beka has found it's perfect home on my wall of inspiration.
Pin-Curls. My new favorite way to create curls with volume & body. Some Instagrammers asked how; Tutorial HERE
Mom & I loving our Avon lipsticks. I'm now a representative for the company :) Avon has luscious, high-quality products for very low and reasonable prices! Check out my website here: www.youravon.com/erinelizabeth
Loving the lipsticks and lip glosses. And can we take a moment for this cute vanilla-scented body scrub... I adore the ice cream cone container, don't you?

New DIY: old scrap pieces of lace, white spray paint, and neon paper: a pretty & unique design for homemade cards!

Friends, what are some of your favorite small things?

Embrace and enjoy the little things this week. 
For they are sweet, simple, and real.


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