influence & somethin' about me.

Hello my sweet readers! 

 I hope that each of you had a beautiful Labor Day weekend. And to those who may be visiting from the Influence link-up today, welcome! As I've shared before, in October I am privileged to attend Influence Conference. This conference is a gift from God to me - not just because I'm sure it will be totally encouraging but also because it truly was that: a gift. Early this summer, on May 20th to be exact, I remember praying about going but there was no possible way. On a difficult weekend full of tears and struggling with trusting the Lord for His provision in my life (on many levels, but specifically financially) I received an unexpected e-mail. An e-mail I will never, ever delete. The sender? Annie, one of my sweet bloggy friends. The subject? "Influence Conference Purchase." I looked down at my iPhone as I opened the e-mail, and tears spontaneously began to fall. The message simply read, 

"I'm excited to meet you in October, Erin. This is for you." 

 Yes. She bought me a ticket. And I was completely overwhelmed with thankfulness. 
 You can read more of the story in this post. Because of my precious friend's generous heart and also because of my sweet kindred spirit, L's thoughtfulness and kindness (read her encouraging blog, here) I am going to Influence. Annie and L are two of my roommates, along with the amazing Chelsea (she blogs here) and I am SO counting down the days until this amazing conference! Yeah, it's totes on my phone. See? 
38 days, people! 38 days. (And yes, those are my roommates!)

If you're attending the conference, I cannot wait to see you there, give you a big hug, and get to know you better through reading your blog now. Here are my answers to the link-up's "Get to Know Me" questions.

If you're not attending, please don't feel left out! I pray that you would somehow find fresh encouragement and a sweet reminder through my story - a reminder that our God is big, amazing, and knows our hearts. He answers prayer, He works in unexpected ways, and He has some really, really beautiful daughters who reflect Him in profound and precious ways. I pray you are encouraged to believe in the impossible. To hope for what seems hopeless. And to keep on listening to His whispers. And may you smile as you read along - and maybe get to know me a little better! 

3 "get to know me" things

1 // I love Jesus. I'm grew up as a homeschooled pastor's kid,  a worship leader for ten years, and attended a Christian college & majored in Home Economics-Family & Consumer Sciences. I love ministry, and specifically have a heart to minister to women in the area of purity - chasing a lifestyle of sexual purity in mind, body and spirit - whether single, dating, engaged, or married.

2 //  I grew up on a 350 acre horse ranch in Southern California. People always call me a girly girl. Yet, at heart? I'm just a country farm girl who kinda wishes she had a Southern accent :)

3 // I adore the color pink. Someday, I dream of visiting Prince Edward Island (yes, where "Anne" lived.) I have a big heart for orphans. I love country music. Watching a good game of football with my dad makes me smile. I love red nailpolish. And dancing. 

2 things i'm looking forward to about the conference

1. // The stripe party. Yes, I said it. I love themed parties. And stripes. And big get-togethers where blog friends become real life friends

2. // Meeting and hearing from Casey Wiegand. I love her blog. I love her heart. She's been an inspiration to me this past year - to dream big, take risks, and be myself. Love her!

1 thing i can't leave home without

// TEA. I know that sounds weird. But I seriously take tea bags everywhere I go. I have this little tea pouch my grandma sewed for me & I always have little packages of my favorite tea with me. So, if you see me whip a tea bag out of my purse when we're standing in the coffee line together, you'll know why.

Influence sisters, I can't wait to meet you. 
And to all my sweet readers and blog sisters - I love ya. 



// outfit stats // 

top: Forever 21
shorts: Gap
necklace: Forever 21
watch: Michael Kors
anklet: bought it on a special trip years ago in Athens, Greece
wedges: H&M