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  Hi dear readers!
 I have another sweet sponsor to share with you - Tiffany from GingerPeachT! 
 This is one blog you don't want to miss. I'm not even kidding, Tiffany's blog is beautiful - and her heart just shines through. She's a true gem, and as I've followed her blog for a while now, her posts have ministered to me, made me laugh and smile, and encouraged me. She writes and shares with honesty and is totally down-to-earth. I just love her! She graciously answered some of my questions so y'all could get to know her better, and I'll share those in a minute, but before we do anything else, I encourage you to click on this little button below and follow her blog!
   Did ya do it? You won't regret it. As I said, she's wonderful. On the side, she also shares amazing pampering products, see here
1 // Tell us all about your lovely blog and why you chose the name? I originally started my blog when I became a newlywed like most seem to do. It has changed names several times and will stay on the current one "GingerpeachT". I am obsessed with Ginger Peach tea and also I'm a redhead (most of the time) and my name is Tiffany. There ya have it, all together!

2 // What is the Lord teaching you right now? Sounds so cliche but it's true - trusting God completely to take care of me. My hubby was in the military and because he didn't get the promotion last year, he had to be laid off. Going from living in a cocoon of the military benefits to having zero income at all for the past couple months were rather hard. Cried many tears just of the unknown. However God had us in His hands the whole time and just this week provided us a new job and a new home! So have faith, don't give up on God, He isn't done with you yet! 

3 // If your life was made into a movie, which actress would you choose to portray you and why? I would have to say Emma Stone. I just love how she has her serious moments but also a quirky girly side to her! She is tall and skinny like I am, I also will listen to a song and hate it, but then will sing it non stop and dance around my room like this.

4 // If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only have 3 items, what would you bring? A big floppy hat, my hubby (because he would be smart enough to make us a boat, he's a naval architect!), and a camera to document it all because that would be epic!

5 // What is your favorite thing about blogging? What is one tip you've learned about blogging that you can share to help other bloggers? Don't get caught up into doing certain posts just to get more views/comments. Sure, if you wanna do a fashion post daily because you like it, go ahead! But do it for yourself and not others. Pleasing others is just so overrated :-)

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Isn't she wonderful?
So thankful for the amazing bloggers I've come to know through this blog world :)

Blessings this week - to you and you and you.

I'll be back Wednesday with the Girl Behind the Blog link-up!