four favorites.

       As the another weekend flies away, replaced by a fresh Monday morning staring you in the face with the somewhat harsh reality of a new week - it can be difficult to be thankful. Time is just rushing by at lightning speed. I can hardly believe it's nearly August! And as alluring as Pumpkin Spice Lattes, football season, and slipping on my cognac boots sounds, I want to slowly sip the last drops of summertime before popsicle-eating, iced tea-drinking hot days turn to scarf-wearing chilly ones. I want to strive to enjoy the small, simple things and be faithful in little things - thankful for every moment. This afternoon as I dusted off my nightstand and rearranged the 456 books I have stacked up (seriously, am I the only one who has piles of books waiting to be read by their bed?) I found my little tiny blue flowered notebook. Remember my fresh resolve to record daily simple things I am thankful for, helping my heart develop a sense of gratitude? Well, I must be honest - it lasted for a few weeks and then it got lost in a pile of books, dust, an EOS lip balm, and a pink pen. I'm back in the saddle of thankfulness this week after falling off the "horse".  I encourage you to practice this too, even if you're imperfect and fail often. 

 So, to begin my sharing of 4 favorite things this week - 

1 //   The thankfulness list. Begins again tonight. (and clearly, a manicure needs to be part of the week as well!)

2 // Good reminders. Saw this today - I want to live fearlessly. Join me?

 3 // Happy memories. Today, I looked through old photos from my college days and found this one of me and my sweet college roommate, Heather. Made me smile! So I framed it and hung it on my wall. (sigh.. makes me miss her & Autumn.)

4 // Me and Starbucks. It's love, I tell ya. (Albeit, a dysfunctional, crazy, obsessive love...)

Embrace your week, beautiful.
I'm over the moon excited about my week ahead because 
I finally get to meet one of my bloggy besties, Meg!!! Pics will definitely be shared.

Blessings and love.


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Friday (okay, renaming it) Weekend iPhone Photo Drop

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