Ablaze // your turn.

    I've been blown away this week by realizing afresh how many passionate hearts for Jesus are out there on this earth. I pray the Ablaze mini-series this past week encouraged all of us, strengthened our faith in God, and pushed us to consider our hearts and relationships through the lens of pursuing Christ. 

 We talked about the stoking the right fire and pursuing Christ in singleness, seeking Jesus in the midst of dating, walking through the heartache of breaking-up and readjusting to singleness while running to Jesus, and focusing on the Lord in a relationship, and we shared about pursuing God in marriageIn honesty and openness, we have shared our hearts, struggles, pitfalls, heartbreaks, failures, lessons learned, and passion found for Christ.

 Today, it's your turn.

   Friends, how do you pursue Christ in the midst of singleness, breaking up, or marriage? 

 We'd be honored if you link up below. We all have unique stories, perspectives, and hearts. I can't wait to read how God has shaped you, loved on you, and lit your heart on fire through the relationships in your life. 

Share away. We're listening.