the girl behind the blog - vlog!

Hey girls!!

SO excited to be linking up again for The Girl Behind The Blog.
I've met such awesome women through these link-ups!
The topic is really fun - favorite beauty products! I just shared one with you guys -
it's a beauty secret that I just LOVE and you have to try!!


BTW, isn't 5ohwifey's baby the cutest in the pic above?! Go link up and join the fun :)

Oh, and sorry about the kind of long crash & burn ending ha! (and for how it seems like I'm being paid to do a commercial for this product haha!)  Here's to vlogs in al their glory - including the FACT that YouTube must purposefully select the worst capture image for the screen shot...anyone else think so too?!)

Hugs to you and love!


*be sure to turn off the music player down at the bottom of the page*