a sunday kind of love {& 4 favorites)

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Sometimes, a little hot tea in a pretty cup can make everything better. When my week turns crazy (like this past one) and life seems to fall in all around me, sitting down with a cup of tea can cure a world of ills. If you were here with me, drinking some earl grey with cream, I would tell you how I was shaken this week, and then I was reminded of something sweet and true.

I would tell you that on Tuesday, I found a little book that belonged to my mama when she was just a teeny little girl. It's a simple book, with a pencil drawing of two children on the tattered, worn cover. i flipped through it and noticed how precious the little book was - full of small, simple, colorless drawings and short paragraphs of verses on each page. Nothing like children's books these days - no songs to sing along with, no buttons to push, no cartoon animation, no pop-out pictures, no pen to press down on each word, speaking back to you (in English and Spanish) - just sweet little verses of truth...profound truth, really. And I liked it. One of the pages made me smile...

And it got me thinking about love and life, and how we so often make it complicated...more complicated that it really is, or needs to be. From our modern children's books and fast-paced cartoon TV shows, to how we go about living life. And I realized, while holding that vintage book, how simple life - and love - is. Yet, oh how our world, and even my own heart, tries to complicate it. I think I need this thing and that to make me happy. They say we must have a certain number in our bank account to make us feel fulfilled. Unless we have a certain house to live in, we won't be happy - or that one special person who completes our world - a man, a baby, a best friend. All these things are wonderful and they are blessings. Yet, I am realizing more and more - that, like the old song says, I just want a "Sunday kind of love"..the kind Miss Etta James sang about. I don't need all the bells and whistles the world tries to make me think I must have - the fancy car, the handsome man, the Pinterest-worthy wardrobe. I just need one thing: God's love.

And you know what? I have that Sunday kind of love. And how beautiful it is.

it's more than love at first sight.

it's a love that lasts past Saturday night.

it's a love that keeps me warm, when Mondays and Tuesdays turn cold.

it's a love i can't find anywhere else.

it's a love better than any dream imaginable.

it's a love that stays, when all else falling apart.

it's a love that shows me the way.

it's a love nobody can take away.

it is better than even the most precious of friendships, bonds of family, or the sweetness of romantic love.

it's a love that makes you fly - to soar on the wings of your dreams.

Do you know a love like this?

"...how wide and long

and high and deep

is the love of Christ."

-Ephesians 3:18

...love that makes me smile. Makes me smile even about little things. And big things that give me hope -

like this little card I found earlier this week when I was feeling brokenhearted. It was tucked between the pages of my Bible. A sweet friend gave it to meet 4 years ago. And the Love of my life knew I would need to see it this past Friday.

Sweet things like long skirts, sandals, and mint nail polish.

and new, fresh ideas for how to change the world - working on a new project and I can't wait to share it with you soon!

And smiling when I expanded the "wall of inspiration" - using old frames and my trusty can of white spray paint.

If you came over for tea, I would set out two pretty cups.

I would ask you if you'd like cream? Brown sugar or white?

I'd spoon it into your steamy cup and I'd ask you about the things that made you smile this week. We'd talk about life and love ...oh, and I'd tell you about my Sunday kind of love.

Embrace the simple, little lovely things in your life.
And think... do you have that Sunday kind of love?
'Cause ya can.




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