sailboats, sand & perfect iced coffee.

  There's something about the sea that inspires me. I love the way the waves crash against a thirsty shoreline, the way the sun shines a little brighter and warmer on golden sand, the way sea birds fly above sailboats - freely, without any particular place to go. Every time I go to the beach, I take away not only a few seashells, a suntan, and sand in everything I own - but most importantly, a new perspective.

I've been thinking about life and the unexpected that throws itself in our path, changing our Plan A to Plan B or C...or D. And how, perhaps more than the actual plans we make that are changed through life's course, our lives are shaped more by our attitudes and how we handle the change of plan than by the actual change itself. How being purposeful about changing our perspective on life can change everything.

This weekend, my Easter was spent a little differently than usual, which was uncomfortable at first, but when I chose to embrace it and love it - it actually became very beautiful. And the moments spent close to sparkling water were a highlight of the day, celebrating Christ dying for sin all because He loves us. 

   I've been thinking this week about life's unexpectedness. How it throws us for a loop and how we must adapt. And I've challenged myself to the thought - when life goes left and I planned for right .... how do I respond? Honestly, I've noticed my response is less than happy.... on the outside I may force a smile, but inwardly...when my plan doesn't work out, my first response is not to instantly embrace the unexpected and trust God wholeheartedly. No... in all honesty, my first response is usually to want to throw a fit - complete with complaining, grumbling, a bad attitude, and a downcast demeanor (something more akin to Eeyore than I'd really like to admit!) But this isn't how I desire to live...this isn't how a daughter of the King Jesus responds... And so, as time has passed through my life and I've grown and learned that we don't always get Plan A, I've actually found that choosing joy - choosing trust, choosing to embrace life in all it's messiness and unexpectedness - instead of throwing it out the window when I don't get what I want - is actually a beautiful thing.

I am finding that the unexpected in our lives is an opportunity to grow. An opportunity to trust God. And to find beauty. To take all life offers us, all God allows into our lives, even the things we did not ask for, want, or expect - and making something grand of it.

I read this beautiful quote in a book last week -

"Tell me,

what is it you plan to do with your

one wild and precious life?"

-Mary Oliver

I want to embrace my one wild and precious life. Do you?

How tragic to come to the end of my days and realize I wasted my time wishing for what I did not have, pining over the loss of my "Plan A". No... I want to really live. To be fearless. To jump headfirst into all this beautiful, crazy and always-messy life. To do all I can for the Lord in this time He's given me to live on this earth. To not be weighed down by self-pity, fear, and a bad attitude. To choose to wrap my arms around and embrace the beautiful things...

the wild and precious things, like...

{sailboats on a glittering shoreline, hot sand, and a cool ocean breeze}

{bike paths and blue skies}

{fast wheels}

{...of many kinds}

{a sweet honey-haired sister to walk along with}

{and a beautiful mama too}

{pretty signs hanging above a small town}

{and finding unexpected pops of color in ordinary places}

{sandals just where they belong - the sand}

{and iced tea...just the way I like it}

{striped streets}

{and palm trees, bluest of skies, and colorful umbrellas}

I encourage you - look for the small, simple, wild and precious things in your unexpected life today. And embrace them with open arms... you might just find yourself smiling.

Remember, our God has a perfect plan and He works all the wild and precious things together for good.

Tell me, my sweet friend ... what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Be blessed!

all my love,



Upon request from some of my Instagram sisters today, I'm posting my favorite iced coffee recipe - just in time for warm weather! Coffee can be considered one of the beautiful wild and precious things in life, right? I say oh yeah.


Erin's Favorite Iced Coffee  

makes: 1 drink


-1 cup of ice

-1 cup of coffee, chilled.

-1/2 cup milk (I use Soy, but choose your favorite milk! And if you really want to indulge, use cream or half & half)

-1 tsp vanilla extract

- 1 few spoonfuls of sugar

-dallop of whipped cream

Pour one cup of ice into a tall glass (or a Mason jar is always fun)

Then add the chilled coffee (I usually make a pot in the morning, and then place half in the fridge to chill - use it for an afternoon pick-me-up)

...Fill almost to the top of the glass. Pour in the milk, and stir. Add sugar -or your favorite sweetner (I love using Sugar in the Raw, or Brown Sugar can add a rich flavor as well) and vanilla. Take a little sip to test - I've altered, added and changed the recipe in the moment to accomodate my tastebud's whims!
Mix well and finish off with a little dallop of whipped cream.
Mmmhmm! Refreshing and yummy.

**My iPhone photo drop will come later in the week -  don't want to drown you with photos!