the art of life.

Sometimes, I get this insatiable desire to be an accomplished watercolor painter. Like this morning, while I absentmindedly leafed through my new Anthropologie catalog and stumbled upon this -

I sat for a minute, eyeing it - thinking about what it would be like to be a fabulous, talented painter...a mini Monet, if you will. (In my mind's eye, by the way, I was totally sitting at a sidewalk cafe somewhere in Paris wearing one of those French hats.) On these artsy days, I wish I could just whip out my watercolors, line up my paint brushes just so, dip them in pastel pinks, deep reds, and bright yellows and go at it on a blank canvas. Painting to my heart's content, until I complete a beautiful piece of satisfyingly wonderful art - dreamy hues all blended together to create a masterpiece... all thanks to my brush.

In reality, I'm just sitting holding a catalog of overpriced fashion statements, wishing I was Rembrandt. But then, as the Lord would have it, I stumbled upon a quote on Pinterest that got me thinking.... about how life is art. How even if you aren't an "artist" per se, life itself is art. And throughout my day, I saw how very true that is. Our lives, created by the ultimate Creator of all, are beautiful, difficult, and messy most of the time. But in all the messiness, the little and simple things we do all the time without thinking are a form of art. And the big and beautiful milestones of life really are art.

Your everyday routine. The way we write our grocery lists every week. The way we laugh. The way you feel. The pictures you take and post on Instagram. The things we believe. The way we love. 
Art, I tell you - beautiful art.

Art is the way you drink your tea.

it's the way you decorate your home.

the way your voice sounds when you talk.

art is how you put on your makeup every morning, how you curl your hair.

it's my cup of colorful pens, fresh folded vintage fabric. the way you fold together old scraps of ripped material, rolling it into a flower...burning your fingers as you hot glue it to an elastic headband, making something beautiful out of a scrap.

art is a smile.

it's the afternoon sky we don't take time to stop and notice.

it is a new pair of shoes that remind you - spring is coming, winter is not forever.

it's the way you know just how to mix together that row of spices on your counter, creating delicious meals. (and i mean you, mom!)

it's the bedside table where you sit and read, think, and pray every night.

art is our biggest, craziest, most wonderful dreams. 

it is the color of nail polish you choose to wear.

it's the way you dress.

the way you love someone like crazy.

it's in forgiveness.

it is moving forward even when you're scared.

it is the warm morning sunlight streaming in my window.

the sink where you stand every day. that hot, sudsy water. the dishes you wash.

it's a little box of mismatched buttons, sitting on a desk.

the way line-dried sheets smell, freshly made beds. your clean house, before it's all messed up again ever too quickly.

it's the way you sit at your old piano and pluck out a tune.

it's the "wall of inspiration" in my room, where i hang whatever inspires me, just because.

and it's even taking a $2 can of spray paint and an old rusty picture frame, and covering it over, making it look like I did late this afternoon.

and, the finished product....waahlaah!

Life. It's art. And hey, it may not look just like a Van Gogh masterpiece, but I am of the firm belief that with a little imagination, some hope, a positive outlook....and a little white spray paint, we can all be artists in our own rite. (and, I may not be a water color painter yet, but today I realized that I can work a can of spray paint like nobody's biz.)

And that my friend, is beautiful.

It may not be watercolors on canvas. It may not even be all that lovely at first glance. But it is there. And I want you to look for it today.

Life is art.
And it really is beautiful.

Go paint something...even it's just painting your nails red.

blowing kisses!!



ps -

smile....because, the God who created all things beautiful loves you


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