{four favorites}

  Sometimes, I find a song that just has something about it. Makes me smile. Makes me feel good. And then ... it's: ready or not, song - you're gonna have the life sucked out of you. On replay! Lately I've been playing Tim McGraw's "Where The Green Grass Grows" - seriously,  of all the songs that could be inspiring.....how random can you get?! (I think it's that part of me that just wants to marry a farmer and live off the land - can I get a heck yeah, girls?!) Hey - I don't ask questions or try to explain it. If it inspires me to create, to be better, to work harder, smile more...it goes! (And I ride that pony into the ground.)

It's not always a song. It can be a photograph. Or a piece of art.  That perfectly fitting pair of jeans. A certain recipe that I make over and over, because it just has "it". You can't really define "it", can you? It's there or it's not. But I think it boils down to inspiration.

And when I find inspiration in something, this girl milks it.

Besides old country songs, this week's inspirations...

{tea every night}

french vanilla decaf + soy milk (vanilla flavored)


a little honey


a tiny spoonful of brown sugar.

{starting each morning like this - coffee & Jesus}

my new commitment: before i check my email, facebook, twitter, or blogger comments. before i make phone calls, work out, do laundry or put make-up on. i read & pray. i've always liked to think this was how i lived. but now, i really do it. try it - focuses your mind on what is important and puts you in the right perspective for the entire day.

{a daily Greens Complexion Smoothie}

i can't help but share the recipe. in 4 days, my skin & hair are glowing (not kidding!)

Greens Complexion Smoothie

1 cup frozen berries
1 large banana
1/4 cup Bolthouse carrot juice
1/2 cup fresh kale, spinach, collard greens or frozen spinach

blend, add more juice if you desire.
and sip every morning to your heart's content.
so healthy, yet you can't taste the greens at all - the fruit covers it up!

*i found the recipe here!

{My nightly read}

Go buy it - Katie is amazing. Check out her website.
 you will laugh, cry, & you just might be inspired to do something big for God.


What inspires you this weekend?

Be blessed, loves.

(and when you find your "it" ... milk it. here's to living life once!)




Friday iPhone Photo Drop

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