You Gonna Fly

As I flew down the highway the other day, running late with my hair on fire and one eye open (not really but seriously, don't do well in the mornings!) I heard "You Gonna Fly" by Keith Urban on country radio. Country music is so close to my heart, such a fan. And I've gotta say that since that rushed morning when I first heard Keith croon those lyrics, it's been the #1 song on Erin's hit list.

It's one of those songs that does something to me. Ya know what I mean? Something rises in us. 

That something is hope. It may not be said blatantly in a song. It may just be how the melody makes you feel. But sometimes, there's that song that gives you the courage to keep going, keep running, keeping flying. Am I the only one so inspired by music?

Things may seem dark today, but keeping hoping.. the best is yet to come.

"love...always protects, always trusts,
always hopes, and always perseveres.
love never fails."
-1 corinthians 13

You better believe. You gonna fly!


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