hi girls!

welcome to my new blog, sweetness itself.

{i was previously at, which is now my Shoppe/Etsy store}

i wish i could invite you into my little home: sweet candles burning, cookies on a small blue plate on the table, all of us wearing our comfiest sweatpants-- i would hand you a cup of coffee (with your favorite creamer), & we would sit around on cozy couches for a girl's night in, laughing til we cry, crying for real, & chatting about, guy trouble, the lord, disappointments, dreams.

 may this little blog be a picture of that. (maybe we wouldn't have ever met if it weren't for the internet opening doors.) may it be a peek into my life as i try to live for jesus, & fail often, yet get up and keep running. life as young women in our world is a fight. but i believe, together we are strong & we're gonna fly.

my prayer is that sweetness itself creates a sisterhood that is encouraging, edifying, exciting, & eternal.

here's to loving this beautiful, crazy thing we call life!

join me?