I Heart Chicago

Hi sweet friends!

I hope & pray your week is going wonderfully.

 So...this is long overdue. But, the other day I was sitting at Starbucks working on my laptop, trying my best to ignore the high school student who sat next to me and kept trying to strike up a conversation (yes, when he hit on me I had to tell him no... as I was 10 years older than him - do I really look that young?) Anyway, I suddenly began to hear dear old Frank Sinatra (my favorite) belting out "Chicago, Chicago.. my kinda town...." and it hit me - I haven't yet shared with you, my dear readers, my Chicago pictures and experience!

I'm not a huge city girl. I love the country and small towns best. But Chicago really surprised me and I fell for it. Not in a "I could move there" type of way. But definitely in a "I have a major crush on the city" type of way. It was charming, beautiful, so sparkling clean, and the food was amazing. Especially my favorite night of the trip - our visit to RPM Italian. (For those of you who don't know, Bill and Giuliana Rancic's very own restaraunt!!) And since I am such a fan, my thoughtful friends willingly tried it out - it was amazefest USA. Delicious and classy - you gotta try it if you ever visit Chicago.

I made a fun little video instead of sharing all my pictures here - thought it would be a fun and inspiring way of showing you Chicago, through the lens of my perspective.

Song: "I've Got This Friend" by The Civil Wars 




PS -  I promise I am still working on my little surprise for you! It's coming in a few days. And since it's been way long than I said, here's a teaser: the goal is to encourage you... and it may or may not include me singing! ;)