Midsummer Romance


Just for fun, I rounded up a slew of my favorite things and pretties I have noticed along the way (in my “Online Travels” lately. ;) And while I’m not mad about Hobby Lobby already putting out all their Christmas items (I kind of love it you guys…. cringe, I know), I am not ready for summertime to be over and am actively trying to strive to be in the moment and embracing all the things in today. So, let’s not let the advertising push us out of the season we are in, okay sisters? Autumn and Christmas will be lovely, in their time. But I want to focus on the now. And now is summer. So, in hopes of making you smile and inspiring you (pretty things do that for me, at least!) here’s some lovely little things I’ve seen and enjoyed this week — and you know my sentimental heart is drawn toward all things feminine and romantic, and it beats for the whimsical, so if that’s your lane, too… this is right up your alley!

(Note — I know some of these things are wildly expensive and not in most of our budgets … and even if they were, we would rather not spend $1,000 on a summer fling dress haha! I just enjoy looking at high fashion and the best, most quality, beautiful items and then challenging myself to find them on major sales, thrifted — the highest of shopping highs ;), etc! So I hope it’s an inspo to you, too! Or, maybe you are that girl that wants to drop 1K on a dress. You do you!! And to those who are rifling through the sales aisles and pushing back the racks of clothing to find that potential treasure in all the trash — I am here for it! There’s a mix of price points here, for all of us.)

Romantic Things You Can Wear

Pretty little things

Whimsical Home Things