Travel Diary: Europe 2018 | London, England


Our Europe 2018 Itinerary:

New York City 

The Cotswolds, England

Winsdor, England for The Royal Wedding

London, England

Switzerland (Grindelwald and Lucerne) 

Alsace Region, France

Paris, France


We just had a day and a half in London. The one thing we would change, looking back, at our Europe 2018 trip, is that we would schedule a week in London! It all worked out with our itinerary but we just absolutely fell in love with the city and had a thousand and two more important, historic, beautiful, meaningful and bucket-list sights to see. Lord willing, we’ll find cheap finds someday and be back! Nevertheless, our hours there were lovely.

We dropped our rental car off at Heathrow Airport (we’d had a car the week of staying in The Cotswolds and The Royal Wedding festivities) and then took the London Underground to our hotel! We stayed in Kensington area and it felt safe and was nice !

On our first evening, we had pizza for dinner at a cafe (Weston’s favorite food!) and played at the Diana Memorial Park at Kensington. It’s a magical Peter Pan themed park complete with teepees, a huge pirate ship, so much fun for the littles! Weston loved running around. As we pushed him on the swings, we noticed a very low helicopter flying overhead. People in the park began running toward Kensington Palace and I realized: a royal member of the family may be arriving! Sure enough, we ran over to the residential area of the palace and someone got out of the helicopter and quickly went into the residence. We soon found out… it was Prince William! It was such an exciting moment and just another piece of our Royal Wedding story :) Just call us The American Royal Watchers haha! This time, unplanned!

IMG_5867 3.JPG

The helicopter

IMG_5871 2.jpg

Exploring and adventuring in London

IMG_5873 2.jpg
london 0041.jpg

I’ll never forget being in England during the days surrounding the Royal Wedding. Every newspaper and person, it seemed, was abuzz with chatter about it all. Such a big event and special day and the celebration went on and on!

IMG_5849 2.JPG
IMG_5870 2.jpg


We began the day at Farm Girl Cafe! Such a beautiful, quaint cafe (I adored the pink tables) — and the food was good!

london 002.jpg
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Beautiful blooms

london 0015.jpg
london 0017.jpg

This little boy saw most of London on his Daddy’s shoulders, and I can’t wait to show him the pictures and tell him the story of that adventure day, someday.

london 0018.jpg
london 0019.jpg
london 0020.jpg

I’ve been a Cath Kidston fan since college — it was such fun to stumble upon a brick and mortar shop in person!

london 0021.jpg
london 0023.jpg

We walked through a farmer’s market in Notting Hill and bought some berries for Weston!

london 0024.jpg
london 0025.jpg
london 0026.jpg


We explored London all day, and really, we were so immersed in it all that we took so few photos! But, isn’t that the best? Realizing you haven’t picked up your phone or camera because you’re so in the moment?

london 0034.jpg
london 0031.jpg
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london 0039.jpg
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I’d seen Peggy Porschen’s lovely bakery pictures all over Instagram, and hoped we could pop in while in London — we happened to have a bus stop nearby on our way back to our hotel, so Daniel noticed it and we stopped by, got a macaron, and took some photos! The flower display was absolutely beautiful. We, happily, happened to be in London during the Chelsea Flower Show, but because they don’t allow children under 5 (I think it was) we didn’t go, but so much in Chelsea area was decorated with flowers and greenery galore — just so lush and stunning! I loved seeing that area and all the high-end shops all decorated. People mentioned that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have been spotted shopping in that area, and I see why :) So beautiful!

london 0040.jpg
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Fish and chips for dinner in Notting Hill — delicious!!

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