Friday's Fab List

Happy Friday, Sisters! 

I wish we were on a coffee date today, I'd probably tell you about all these fun, random, current favs of mine ;) 

1. Rose Gold Mules

I spotted these on Target's website last week and couldn't help but order them! When they arrived at our doorstep the other day and I opened up the box, I was surprised at just how rose-gold they are. I shared them on my Instagram Stories and asked you guys what you thought -- lots of you said "Keep them!!" and so, I am!  (They're under $25, too.)

Mules: Target 

here are the shoes plus a few similar styles


3. Jade Roller

Okay, so this is random. But, have you heard of Jade Rollers for your skin? I've seen them pop up all over the Internet lately (always a super reliable source of information lol ;) and just had to try one out! From what I've read, they're supposed to naturally improve skin tone, reduce under-eye puffiness, smooth skin, tighten pores, and more! (Read this article for more info.) 


Jade Roller: Amazon 

4. Zoo Day


We spent a happy day this past week with some dear friends at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Weston's first zoo day! He loved spending time with his little friend Gwen and he adored all the animals.  It's always heart-filling to spend time in SB, always known to us as "The Place Where We Fell In Love." 

5. "Royal Hearts" Hallmark Movie

royal heart.jpg

You know how much I love a good Hallmark movie ;) And this last week's headliner didn't disappoint! It was right up this girl's alley: a gal who grew up on a ranch meets a handsome, tall cowboy and they fall in love at a European castle?! I laughed so hard because I never posted that I was watching it and I got multiple Instagram messages from you sweet girls telling me how much the storyline reminded them of me and Daniel! 

6. Royal Wedding Trip Pinterest Board

Speeeeeaking of royals and castles and love, I'm neck-deep in planning our upcoming springtime Europe trip which starts off with the Royal Wedding and if you want to follow along with planning, come follow my Pinterest board (and I am welcoming any and all tips and travel advice for y'all you are experts on the areas!) 


I am so grateful for each one of you and for how, even though social media is constantly changing (eye roll inserted here...), how we continue to connect and share, regardless. Right now, it's mostly through Instagram messages back and forth, and I love that!

So tell me, friends -- what are your Friday favorites this week? I love swapping tips and tricks. It's just what we women do!