Asking For Help


Last week, I asked for help. In a really big way. It’s a story I would like to tell, someday. I asked for help in way that was a “long time in coming.” For something I fought so hard, for so long. I fought and gritted, denied and survived my way through it. But last week, I decided and realized and it hit me all at once: I could not do it on my own any longer, I needed help. It took every brave bone in my body, and I sighed the biggest breath of relief I’ve ever breathed, and let go. And, in the spirit of asking for help, I also asked for help in small ways, too. At Trader Joe’s, when the checker asked, “Would you like help out?” I resisted my usual, “Nope, I’ve got it!” And for the first time, almost ever, nodded and smiled and breathed out, “Yes, please. I would like help out.” I let him push my cart to the van and he helped me unload my groceries. “You don’t have to try so hard.” ❤️ I want to give you permission to ask for help this week, too, my friend. Perhaps it looks like hiring someone to do your laundry or clean your house once a month. Maybe it looks like letting your mom take your little one so you can take a nap. Maybe it looks like grocery delivery or getting a tutor to help you with that one class. Maybe it looks like a scheduling that doctor’s appointment. Maybe it looks like admitting you don’t have it all together all of the time with all the things. Maybe it is speaking out the fear, the pain, the truth. Maybe it looks like realizing: as strong as you are and as hard as you fought, you cannot (and should not) bear or fight it all alone, all on your own strength. Life is brutal and and beautiful, all at once. “Brutiful” — as I once read. And the end of the story, even if we can’t see it now... it’s gonna be really, really good. So, take that hand. Ask. Let go. Bravely broken and beautifully redeemed,  we are all in this together.

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