On Motherhood

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Ten Things I’ve Learned:

(This is just a handful of the many, many lessons I have learned and am learning)

  • My Little One Truly Gets More Precious Every Day. How is this possible? :) I literally tell Daniel this every morning. I truly believe he gets sweeter every morning when he wakes up, it’s like Christmas every morning to be his mama.

  • Ask For Help. We can’t do parenting alone. Ask for help from your people, whoever they are: your husband, your sister, your best friend. Ask for help at the grocery store. It sounds silly, but for my first year of motherhood, I always said a confident, “Nope!” when at a grocery store and store checkers asked me if I needed a hand getting to the car. Eventually, I realized how helpful this is and how I should’ve been taking advantage of help all along! Say “yes” to help out, say “yes” to offers to babysit, say “yes” when someone who loves you offers to clean your house. We mamas are strong and capable, and there is strength in receiving help, taking time for self-care and to fill up your “cup” and letting people who trust love on your baby.

  • Grace and Love Covers Me and My Family. I am not the perfect mother and no one is. But, God gives us grace upon grace as mothers.

  • I Am The Mother My Child Needs. I heard another mama blogger say this recently and I loved it: who you are: your specific strengths, your talents, your weaknesses,

  • Learn the Art of Staying Calm. Especially through toddlerhood! ;) Staying calm, taking a deep breath, gaining perspective, being patient… these things will get us parents far.

  • Paper Towels and Wipes are a Must. Because, messes. Embrace the mess and don’t fight it haha

  • Stop and Savor. It’s cliche (and almost overwhelming to hear as a new mom drowning and sleepless nights and feedings) but, it’s true: time goes faster than you think. Your little one will be onto a new phase so quickly, and this season will be a distant memory, soon. I fold and put away too-small sizes all too often. Don’t blink, mama.

  • Motherhood Made Me Fall Even More in Love with my Husband. Seeing him as a dad to our boy… the way he steps up, loves, serves, every since day one… it deepened our love and I’m grateful for him all the more.

  • Being Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically Healthy is More Important Than Details like epidural or natural birth, breastfeeding or formula, co-sleeping or non-cosleeping, french fries or broccoli… those decisions mean something and they are important. But, do what is best for you and your family. Not what your friends do, not what the cultural trends are. Place value on your mental health… if breastfeeding is causing you to be so stressed and overwhelmed that your marriage is falling apart and you feel suicidal, stop. Do what is best for you and your partner and babies… that will look different from other mamas. Be you, take care of yourself and your family, and push mom-guilt and shame far away.

  • I’ve Realized More Deeply How Much God Loves Me. It’s been said before, but goodness, it’s true. If I love my baby boy this much, how much more does my Father love me? Stunning.

Last week, I posted on my Instagram Stories, asking you the most meaningful things you’ve learned since becoming mothers, and your answers were so insightful, wise, thought-provoking, and inspiring! (I wish I could post them all — so many of you shared and it means so much!!)

Here are some of the beautiful lessons you shared:

“Loving my children has taught me how Jesus loves us.” — @leannewater610

“I’m not perfect” — @jessicamclain

“Don’t judge other parents, every child and family is different. Instead support and encourage…

Never say you would never try or do something. It may be what your child needs.” — @alliseav

“Every sweet, exhausting, funny moment is a gift that will all too soon be a memory. Treasure it.” — @willowhillfarmgirl

“I have learned to trust my heart more and love unconditionally.” — @kelbird777

“To celebrate the hard times. This too shall pass.” — @becks162

“That possessions are just things and the most valuable treasure is your children.” — @rachreed83

“Every night I give an extra hug and kiss and snuggle to save up for my future self who would give anything for just one more hug or snuggle. I guess it’s just savoring the stages we are in while we are in them!” — @hellolaney

“Your kids see YOU! Even on days when you feel like you’ve failed. They know your heart!”

— @jennbella_82

“You’re gonna miss this!” — @meghanhenrydesigns

“The perfect mother doesn’t exist but pretty great ones do.” — @stephaniehart

“Selflessness.” — @karemurray

“That self care is far from selfish — you have to lay aside time to nourish Y O U. Have to.”

— @jordanlynette

“Teaching good manners is important.” — @i.m.stephanie

“To cherish every moment and instead of being sad that she grows so fast, be thankful I get to see her in every stage and phase. Because each day together is truly a precious gift.”

— @mrscrofton

“Take the cuddles even if they are wanted at the most inopportune times.” — @jliebsack

“You can’t do it all! Trust in God’s grace.” — @michellebean13

“My mom always said your children will either inherit your fears, or see your faith!” — @meginturff

“Motherhood taught me how capable I was but also how to ask for help.” — @breabird


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I am grateful to be a mama.

I’m amazed by mothers and mothering hearts of women in general. Fierce and strong and love embodied. Since becoming a mother, I’ve learned how absolutely strong women are and how precious children are.

What a gift, to mother.