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"If you like it, wear it." 

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Jeans: Old Navy  | Henley Top: Old Navy 

Hat: Nordstrom | Earrings: Nordstrom 

Shoes: Converse 


When I asked in a poll on Instagram the other day what you all wanted to see more of, so many of you said, "Real life style!" As a stay at home mama who works part-time from home, as well, I wear many different hats and in this season of life need to be comfy most of the time! And one of the things I've learned being a new mom these last 19 months is that when I take the time to do my hair, put on some makeup, do some self-care, and am wearing a practical-for-the-day outfit that is polished, I not only feel more confident and ready to give, love and work, but I act more put-together too. (And maybe that's just me and your rhythm and routine is totally different!) So, here's one of my real-life outfits that I recently put together and it's truly comfortable and cute! I wore it a few days ago to my Mama's Group and snapped some photos. I'd heard from about half a dozen girlfriends that they love the Old Navy Rockstar Jeans so I scooped up a pair, and they are super comfy and almost feel like yoga pants. 

 This look is fun and simple, and I hope it gives you some inspo for your real-life, go-to looks! 

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