Weston's Wild One Birthday Party

Our beautiful, bright, beloved boy turned one in June! What a year, what a life, what a joy he is. I meant to blog all about his birthday and party months ago... but, you know how mama life is -- busy, busy, amIright? And sometimes, when you get the choice: play with my baby or blog his party? Or, sleep or blog the party? Well, you know what won ;) haha Such is this season and it's beautiful, long-dreamed of, and precious to my heart!

Weston is literally our pride and joy. He's the most darling, bubbly, strong, good, hilarious, joyful baby of all time, and his heart is pure gold. I knew -- months before he turned one -- that his birthday party theme should be "Wild One." It's very popular right now, but it was just so him. He's a wild one, that's for sure. "Wild and Free" has been our theme phrase since we met and started dating in 2014, and it's only fitting we'd have our own little wild one! 

We celebrated our wild, wonderful boy in two ways: his Wild One birthday party on Saturday and then on Monday the three of us took a trip up to one of our favorite places: June Lake, California, for a mountain adventure with our walking, wandering boy. It was pure happiness and fun, and I soaked up every second with a grateful mama's heart. 

I had way too much fun putting together his party. Like, I realized this could become an addiction lol 

It was just so fun to plan all the details, set it up the day-of, and see him enjoy it all. Such fun! 

For his invitation, I'd seen so many "Wild One" designs online and on Etsy, but nothing fit what I wanted exactly, and so I whipped this up myself on Photoshop: 


"Wild One" parties can go in several directions: a tribal/bohemian theme with teepees and such, a hunting theme, a "Where The Wild Ones Are" book-inspired theme, a tropical or jungle theme (especially for girls). I hadn't really seen it done before but all I could see in my mind's eye was a "Western/Mountain" theme. Our boy has always been called "Wild West" (for lots of reasons -- the pioneer spirit we love and partly named him after, the fact that I, his mama, am from the "west" coast and that his dad traveled and moved thousands of miles across the country -- west -- to be with me!) I knew the I wanted to do a mountain/western take on the Wild One idea and I really love how it all came together. So many people asked me about the details when I posted a few photos back in June that week of his birthday, and so I wanted to make sure I finally shared for those who may be interested. 

Celebrating our Wild One, the newly one year old West! 

I planned to bake a homemade cake. I'd seen several darling layer cakes with bears and woodland animals atop them and that was my plan. But, the day before the party, I became so overwhelmed with all the feels ("mah bay-bay is turning ONE...." cue the tears) that I picked up the phone, ordered a cake from the local grocery story bakery, and took my man to get a relaxing lunch of burgers and Mai Tai's instead (and that, my friends, is how it's done ;) as we reminded over the past year of parenting, cheered to 12 months of wonder and success together -- some sleepless nights, exhaustion, wondering what the heck we were doing, and mostly just enjoying our precious gift! 

For the cake, my mom picked it up at the bakery the morning of the party. My "ideal" was a naked cake, and it didn't really turn out exactly how I imagined,  but it worked fine! I decorated it with some white frosting between the layers, placed fresh sprigs of rosemary below the bottom layer, and sprinkled brown sugar and sugar in the raw on top and under the rosemary sprigs, to look like dirt. (The cake stand is my mom's, bought for our wedding, which was special ;) I planned to add a little burlap ribbon to the stand but didn't have time, oh well!) 

The gold "One" cake topper is handmade and I ordered it here and I just adore it. I also ordered this toy bear, along with a fox and a deer (which, sadly, didn't end up fitting on the cake but they worked well set up on the table as part of the decor. And, I they're being kept for Weston to play with when he's a bit older :) but they would have been adorable, too! The trees were a must-have and I found them here (I thought these would work well with yearly Christmas decor/baking so I planned on adding them to the Christmas decor boxes after the party was over.) 

wild one 0054.jpg
wild one 0042.jpg


wildone 0045.jpg

For the cake table, I decorated with the "Wild One" gold balloons above and then helium white balloons on each side. I hung wooden bunting below the sign (found at Hobby Lobby) and plan to use it for West's Big Boy room when he transitions from his nursery as he gets older. I used a fold-up plastic table (borrowed from a friend) covered in a "tablecloth" blanket we already had, borrowed a few Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware items from my mom and dad's house, used pinecones and pine needles we collected for weeks before the party, to fill in the spaces, and the rest of the decor items on this table are scores from Hobby Lobby (that I plan to use in Weston's room as decor!) 

wild one 002.jpg
wild one 0055.jpg
wildone 0033.jpg

The black bear stuffed animal is from Weston's first trip to Yosemite at 3 months old!! #sweetforevermemories

wild one 0057.jpg

Beside the cake/main table, I laid out a few of Weston's books from his nursery that fit with the theme. I bought that "Going West" by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House on the Prairie series book when he was first born, in honor of his name (and my adoration of Laura's stories all my life.) And "The Rush For Gold" book is a sweet vintage find I picked up while pregnant with Weston, from a beloved antique shop in Daniel's hometown of Guthrie, Oklahoma. Both hold so much meaning! 

wild one 0051.jpg
wild one 0034.jpg
wildone 0047.jpg

Also included on the small table, beside the main cake table: the piece of wood from the tree on Daniel's land that we carved our initials in, back when we dated... on July 4th, 2014. (The Oklahoma acres he dreamed of, prayed for, saved up for, worked incredibly hard for... and finally owned, as a single young man, dreaming of providing a home for his future bride and family. The land and house where we had our first kiss! We carved our initials into the tree one happy July day as boyfriend and girlfriend. When we chose to sell the land to Daniel's brother and then he eventually sold it to someone else, I couldn't help but think of the tree... Well, lo and behold, his brother Elijah sawed the beloved initials right off and gave them to me!! It meant so much.) My sentimental heart just had to include them in Weston's outdoor-themed party, a nod to his adventurous, wild dad and to our love story that is the reason he *is* in the first place. 

wild one party 0056.jpg

The drink station at our kitchen bar.

Mason jars, paper woodland cups, a water jug with lemon, and a variety of bottled drinks! I offered Charmed Forest Woodland Straws for our guests, as well. 

birthday 001.jpg
wild one 011.jpg
wild one.jpg
wild one 0010.jpg

Drink Station: 

wild one 005.jpg

One photo for every month of his life so far. Made my heart hurt! 

(I found the "YAY" balloon in the Target Dollar Spot for $3 months before) 

wildone 0030.jpg

Across from the cake/main table, I set up a little food spread on our kitchen table, full of yummy snacks! 

wild one 0012 copy.jpg

I had way too much fun with the little signs :) (inspired partly by Pinterest finds!) 

The deer bust (similar one here) sculpture is from the Target Christmas line a few years ago and I set it up for the party, for fun and to add some interest. The dishes are my own and the plastics are from the Dollar Store. Similar chalkboard tags found here.  I placed some of my $1 bandanas below the snacks, along with some cute camp themed scrapbook paper, found at Hobby Lobby and Michael's. To finish it off with a bit of ambiance, I brought down 3 candle holders ($3 each at Target Dollar Spot) from my bath area upstairs, with battery-powered candles! 

We all loved snacking on the "twigs", "forest berries", "rainbow trout", and "bear food"! As well as some chips and salsa, hummus and pita chips, a veggie plate, and a Trader Joe's cheese plate. 

wild one 0020.jpg
wild one 0015.jpg

Napkins found here. 

wild one 0018.jpg
wild one 0019.jpg
wild one 0017.jpg
wildone 0022.jpg
wild one 0026.jpg
wild one 0025.jpg

The birthday boy's chair! 

(High chair covered in his buffalo swaddle

wild one 0050.jpg
birthday 002.jpg
Such sweet moments! I have about 1,000 candid photos of the birthday party but am finding myself becoming increasingly private when it comes to those special family and friends moments that are just really ones I want Weston to have in his baby book and scrapbook. I know you understand and probably feel the same with your littles! They're his memories and moments, not just mine. And so I am choosing to just share these and the decor. Such priceless memories.

Such sweet moments! I have about 1,000 candid photos of the birthday party but am finding myself becoming increasingly private when it comes to those special family and friends moments that are just really ones I want Weston to have in his baby book and scrapbook. I know you understand and probably feel the same with your littles! They're his memories and moments, not just mine. And so I am choosing to just share these and the decor. Such priceless memories.

Weston wore two outfits for his birthday (I just couldn't help myself!)


- Table Cloth (Blanket): Target 

- "Wild One" Gold Balloons: Amazon (these come in a set along with lots of extra dark blue, light blue, and white balloons as well as a #1 gold number balloon.) 

- Minnow Pail: Hobby Lobby (under $5 right now on sale!) 

- Woodland Cups and Napkins: Amazon 

- Woodland Paper Straws: Amazon 

- Drink Bucket (similar): Amazon

- Mason Jar Cups: Target

- Baby Boy First Birthday Party Crown: Amazon 

- Wild One Onesie: Amazon 

- Woodland Infant Onesie "One": Amazon 

- Bandanas: Amazon 

- "One" Cake Topper: Amazon