Summer Swimwear

Can we just be real for a minute and say that picking out, trying on, deciding on, and even spending money on swimwear isn't really fun? (Especially the trying on!) I decided it was so "not fun" a couple years ago that I started just ordering swimwear online and hoping it would fit when it arrived in my mailbox (online shopping is one of the best things ever, amiright?) and luckily, they've been the best suits ever! 

I decided to do all the searching for you and I've found some darling pieces! I've divided them into Investment Pieces and Budget Pieces. I literally love them all and they all would fit a different setting (community pool with your kids, backyard sunbathing, once in a lifetime honeymoon, European summer holiday, adventure trip in Maui, relaxing in Mexico, etc!) I hope they inspire you, help you to feel a little less "daunted" while swimsuit shopping, and make you excited about .... SUMMER! 

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1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 

Budget Suit-Finding Tips

- I've found some really cute high-end designer swimwear at a way lower price by sifting through discount stores like Marshall's, TJ Maxx and Ross for deals! It takes more work but I personally love that chase and thrill of the find! 

- J.Crew Factory always has pretty, high-quality swimwear (for men and women -- I've found some swim shorts for really cheap on there for Daniel!) but you have to check all the time because they go fast! I am loving this gingham one and these for the guys (#seersuckerforlife)

Happy Swimming!! Rock that suit, girl and be confident! 

My Current Fav Suit


On our recent trip to Cabo (whole blog post coming soon about that fab place!) I wore this suit so much! I recently bought these high-waisted bottoms as an investment piece in my wardrobe ('cause, a high waisted black bottom won't ever go out of style) and goodness, it was one of my best closet-decisions to date! I felt so confident, classy, and pulled-in while eating alllll the chips and guac in Mexico haha ;) Especially for mamas after you have a baby (2 months or 20 years after!) these are the ideal swim bottoms and I really cannot say enough about the fit, quality, and fabric. You can mix and match it with black or colored bikini tops as the styles and trends change. Since we were on a fun trip to Mexico, I decided to pair it with this turquoise swim top that has little shell and tassel details. I bought it on our Target's clearance rack for under $15 a few months ago. 

Bottoms: Nordstrom

Top:  Target

My Favorite Beach and Swim Must-Haves for the Summer!