Palm Springs: That Pink Door

pink 005.jpg

Skirt: Amazon (similar) & Etsy (similar) | Top: Nordstrom (similar)

Palm Springs is such a glamorous yet laid back, relaxing, HOT spot to chill! We recently visited for a super quick visit to celebrate my sister's birthday, and we had such a fun time. We stayed at the colorful Saguaro hotel and loved it -- more on that in another post coming soon, but first up, my favorite spot we saw on our whirlwind 24 hour trip: That Pink Door! 

If you're an avid Instagrammer like me, you've probably seen this lovely, long, stately gorgeous pink door somewhere on your popular page or posted/reposted by an account you follow! This pretty pink door has gained quite the following and popularity on IG, with it's very own account (find it at @thatpinkdoor) and an ever-growing hashtag: #thatpinkdoor (you should look it up -- I love seeing all the creative photos!) Y'all, this pink little gem did not disappoint! I smiled so big when we drove up to it's darling-ness (#notawordiknow) We just had to hop out and do a little photoshoot. 

What you don't see in alot of the photos is that there is a little tiny fountain in front of the door! The whole house and yard is perfectly kept up (I'm told the owners actually run the Instagram account and don't mind all the hoopla over their coveted property.) I honestly felt invasive stepping onto someone's private property and standing smack dab in front of their front door for a photo shoot. But, apparently, it's okay with them! We had to laugh as a neighbor lady strolled by with her pups on a walk as we unloaded the car and I fluffed my hair in the passenger side mirror as Daniel's fiddled with the camera battery. She chuckled and said, "Photo shoot?" I answered, "Yep! You see a lot of these, huh?" And she giggled, "Uhhh, about 100 a day!" 

I definitely recommend adding this little stop to your itinerary for your Palm Springs trip! It's free, fun, quick (close to the main area of town), and who doesn't love (or secretly love) hopping on a trend now and again? 

If you've read here or followed me for more than a month, you know I adore all things pink. Dreaming of a pink door someday in our dream "forever" house, Lord willing ;) Meanwhile, I'll get my pink door fix at this cute spot! 

Here's the address for ya, 'cause I know you wanna go! :) 

1100 E Sierra Way, Palm Springs, CA 92264

The street is really peaceful and the homes are all gorgeous, mostly modern, and upscale. With, as I said before, kind and chatty neighbors (well, the one we met was ha!)