Mother's Day Gift Ideas

   Mother's Day this year is all the more meaningful to me as I'm now a mama (I was last year too and celebrated with baby boy in my belly! But, having him in my arms and taking on the role of "mom" this past 10 months is a whole new thing!) I've been nothing short of blown away by the role women take on as "mother" since becoming a mom. After going through pregnancy, labor, birth, recovery, and learning to be a mom to Weston, I've realized afresh and on a new level how important, sacred and beautiful the roles our mothers (birth mothers or mama figures) play in our lives. It's awe-inspiring and kinda takes my breath away! We women are capable of amazing things and we owe so much to the sacrifice, unselfishness, and love our mamas have poured out on us all the years we have been alive. Let's say a small thank you this mother's day and pamper those mamas in our lives -- whether it be our moms and grandmothers if we are lucky enough to have them physically present, our besties and sisters who are mamas, or the women who are mom figures in our lives! 

1. Coco Rose Coconut Body Oil Polish

I've never tried this product but have heard great things about it and it just looks like it would smell so good and feel so luscious! 

2. Mom Necklace 

I'm a sucker for gold and meaningful pieces of jewelry. These are just lovely to me and I'm sure any mama would want to carry their love's names or initials by their heart all the time.

3. Mom Fuel Mug 

Uhhh, 'cause: COFFEE. Enough said.

4. Robe

The softest robe! Mama more than deserves to lounge around the house in this luxurious little number, am I right? Whether she's a new postpartum mommy needing rest or a grandmother deserving relaxation! Maybe add in a spa gift card for the day for some extra pampering :) 

5. Venus Et Fleur

Okay, can we take a moment for these flowers? Have you heard of them? I've admired these for a while now -- they are gorgeous "Eternity" flowers that last up to a year and don't need water. I unfortunately have a black thumb (unlike my gardening wonder mama haha!) and so this is great news for me! They're pricey but if anyone deserves this splurge gift, it's Mom! I literally want to order a box right now -- they are just too dreamy!! 

6. Mom Life Sweatshirt

Just love this -- looks cozy too! 

7. GraceLaced Book

I've loved following Ruth Chou Simons on Instagram for a few years now and I love her heart, words of eye-opening wisdom, and her art. It's just beautiful. Can't wait to get my hands on her book and I know I'll be ordering a copy for my mom, too.

8. Watch

This watch reminds me of my mom because she adores roses and flowers, and this shade of rose. It's just so dainty and pretty! 

9. Chanel Fragrance

A classic and just something Mom deserves!