Friday's Fab List

1. Beach Bags

I've been loving the pom-pom or tassel beach bag trend this season and I've been on the hunt for the perfect one for an upcoming trip -- and yesterday, I stumbled upon my dream beach bag and just about couldn't catch my breath! ;) Here are some other favorites I've been eyeing: 


2. Outgrown Baby Clothes

Any other mamas out there think that going through your baby's clothes and taking out the items that are too small is one of the saddest things about motherhood?! It's so hard! But so good! How thankful I am Weston is growing (he is 10 months old and wearing 18-24 month clothes) but it's just so emotional when you realize your little one is changing quickly. Time is a thief! Soaking up every moment with him and every last ounce of his baby-ness as his first birthday approaches. (Also, I am working on putting together a little Instagram sale of some of Weston's outgrown baby clothes so keep an eye out on my IG for that in the next month!) 

3. Self-Tanner

With summer and beach trips approaching, we all want a good bronze, amiright? In my early twenties, I would bake in tanning beds, which I personally regret. Now, as much as I love the sunshine and getting that Vitamin D we all need, I try hard to protect my skin from baking for too long in the sun's damaging rays. So, sunless tanner is where it's at! But, streaking is an issue, color is an issue... it's all just kind of a headache to deal with! The "ultimate" fake tan, in my experience, is being "sprayed down" by a professional. But, next best are these fab tanning towelettes! They are pricey. But, worth it for a good tan! I am a natural strawberry blonde who has the fairest bleach blonde eyelashes, blonde eyebrows, and very pale, somewhat freckled skin, so I definitely don't tan naturally and can look orange with the wrong shade of product. These towelettes are super natural-looking, easy to apply, completely mess-free, and leave such a natural glow. I always get compliments when I use them! 

4. This Boy.

He's just the sweetest, squishiest little blessing.

Thanks for reading, sweet ladies! I appreciate your hearts and your time! 

Happy weekend. Get some rest, have some me-time, and know you are loved!