Gift Guide: For Him

Yay yay yay! It's December! Time to thoughtfully buy and loving wrap all the gifts for all the loved ones. A sweet but sometimes daunting task, amIright, ladies? Well, I put together a short series of Gift Guides to help a sister out! I so enjoy Christmas giving and it was so fun and therapeutic for me to put together. I hope it helps you out!  

gift guide for him.jpg

1. Yeti Tumbler // Daniel, being a Midwestern Man ;), is obsessed with Yeti tumbler cups! And they have been one of my go-to gifts for men the last couple of Christmases. They truly keep your drinks steamy hot or perfectly chilled -- for hours -- and are super well-made and designed. 

2. J.Crew Socks // I always buy Daniel J.Crew socks for Christmas! They are a bit of an investment (as opposed to, say, Wal Mart brand socks) but the quality is worth it. He will wear a pair for a year! I often pick them up on online sales or at J.Crew Factory's website. Aren't these campfire themed ones so cute?! 

3. Passport Holder // If your guy loves to globe-trot like mine does, he'd probably love a quality, leather passport holder and I doubt he would invest in one for himself (my sweet hubby is always thinking of others and is so frugal when it comes to his own needs!) 

4. Cozy Robe // Another item men usually don't buy for themselves but would probably enjoy -- a cozy, nice robe! My mom has gotten dad robes for Christmases and he's always thrilled and feels like he is in a fancy hotel when he wears it! 

5. Quality Ear Buds //  If you're like us, you have a slew of Apple and Target or Dollar Store sets of ear buds lying all around the house, but don't really own a truly quality pair. Hubby might love a pair for runs, flights, and quiet times! I've never used this brand, but I have seen lots of posts and reviews from bloggers saying they're great.

6. Hubby Mug // Every time I step into the Target check out line, these little cuties are staring me in the face and always almost toss one in my cart for Daniel ;) They're cheap and remind him every morning that you're thinking of him.

7. Ahava Skin Care // You guys. Of all the products I've ever tried in my 31 years of life thus far on earth, ohmygoodness.... this is one of the best. I first tried Ahava products on a trip to Israel at age 13. We stayed at the Dead Sea (a dream) and Ahava products were everywhere -- and cheap there at the time! Goodness, the scent of heaven and it takes me back to that dreamy trip and season of my life. I love to buy Ahava products as gifts for loved ones (I often find the brand at Marshall's or TJ Maxx these days, FYI) and am scooping this up for Daniel, as I'm always trying to encourage him to take good care of his skin. 

8. Lantern // My grandma is the queen of practical gifts for men. She always shows up at Christmas with some super amazing, as seen on TV but totally real-life usable, product for the guys in the family that she ordered off QVC! She bought Daniel and my dad lanterns last year and they were a major hit -- perfect for camping, power outages, or just working in the yard or garage!

9. Fuzzy Blanket Throw // Another one to file under "he probably wouldn't buy this for himself" gift ideas! I personally adore cozy, super soft blankets, and this Target version is a favorite -- we own several for guest visits and movie nights. What man could say "no" to one of these soft throws?

10. Ugg Slippers // We all know Uggs are oh so soft and oh so comfy! This pair of slippers is suede and I love the color. After a long day of work, our guys deserve this kind of soft coziness. 

11. Leather Luggage Tag // My man is a wanderlust guy so these chic, leather, monogrammed luggage tags are perfect for him. There's just something that feels so "grown up" about monograms and leather -- and these tags would last for years and many wonderful trips, I am sure!

12. An Encouraging Read // One of the few men I respect most, Bruce Marchiano, wrote this book, "The Character of a Man: Reflecting The Image of Jesus." I've read it and just love every single word on every single page! It's an inspiring, encouraging look at how to be a man who models Jesus, in a practical and very real way. It was published a few years back, but it's truths ring true timelessly. 

Alright, sistahs! I hope that gives you some ideas for showering your men with love this holiday season.

What do you plan on getting your guys?