Favorite Recent Amazon Purchases

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Top: Similar, Similar, (super good deal, 8 bucks!) Similar (super expensive but so dreamy) 

 Shoes: Amazon | Jeans: Forever 21 | Hat: To Little Arrows

Stroller: Similar (the rose gold we have is currently sold out on Amazon but if you do a Google search, there are a few other places that sell it!) 


Amazon Prime, you guys... I mean, is there anything more fabulous? I think not. I am absolutely obsessed, especially as a new mama -- it has been invaluable, time saving, and money saving too, for us this past 16 months of parenthood plus the 9 months of pregnancy before! I love hearing what treasures my friends and favorite bloggers find on Amazon.com and so I thought I'd put together a little list of some of my favorite things that have arrived at my door in that happy cardboard box! Hope it's helpful for you and gives you some ideas and inspo!

1. Collagen Peptides

Have you heard of these? They're all the rage on the Internet lately, and I have read so many great reviews and reasons to use collagen peptides -- they are so beneficial.


Read more here to learn more about it! 

2. First Words Flashcards 

Weston loves going through these flash cards every day! My friend Claire posted about these on her Instagram and I ordered them right away -- they've been so helpful in teaching Weston first words with sweet little pictures to go along with. Obviously he doesn't look through them on his own yet but it's a fun exercise to hold them up and he loves pointing at the pictures and trying to say the words. 

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3. Valentino Rockstud Flat Dupes by Kaitlyn Pan 

I dreamed of these for months before purchasing, and finally took the plunge right before our trip to Europe this fall. They are so identical to Valentinos and oh so much less pricey. They're comfy and made well. They've become a staple in my wardrobe and a perfect mom-life alternative to heels with a dressy outfit! 

4.  Pepper Spray

You won't find me without my handy pepper sprays (and other things!) to keep myself and my people safe! I've always been the girl with a pink-colored pepper spray in every purse and in my car, and I always pack it with me when we are traveling, as well. Ya can't be too careful! I'm all about that self defense life, and we all should be, ladies! (Just be sure that if you're a mama or around little ones, you take extra measures to keep it baby-proof.)

5. Kickee Pants

If I had to pick a favorite baby clothing brand, this would be it! My sister in law told me about Kickee Pants and bought Weston his first item when I was pregnant, and now, I wish I had spent all the money I had spent on fancy little shoes and clothes for 0-3 months (which he never really wore haha) on Kickees!! They are just incredibly soft and perfect for babies, especially newborns. I bought Weston this onesie for the summertime, and he's worn it every week, at least! And now, I'm eyeing their Christmas line....! 

6. Bible-Journaling Book

I've wanted to get on the Bible journaling, color coding and highlighting train for a while and I'm so excited to read this book full of tips! I think it can really enhance quiet time.

What are your recent Amazon purchases?