Free Printable: Faithfulness

Happy Monday, sisters!

I created this little free printable/lockscreen is for you.

You, the weary college student starting another semester in what feels like a string of never-ending semesters leading to...where? You, the exhausted mama of the teething little one (me! lol) You, the dreamer turned cynic who is fearful of hoping. You, the excited-about-the-future-but-fearful, too. You, who has far too much month at the end of that paycheck. You, who is secretly struggling with depression. You, going through a break-up and reeling, relieved, sad, wondering. You, the new bride: happy but overwhelmed. You, who feels like the forgotten one in your group of friends. You, the popular, pretty, "perfect" one who just feels broken. You, the one who feels like you've made a mess of it. You, who thinks you don't really have any more chances left. 

Remember these words.

He has always been faithful to me and you. He will always be faithful to us. When it makes no sense, when we question out loud, when He hears and sees and knows but it feels like He isn't answering, when the going is tough, when the flowers bloom, when the memories haunt, when the pain cuts deep, when ____________.

He is faithful. And it will all be okay, in the end... and if it's not okay today? It's not the end.

Love ya, sisters. You are all diamonds! 

just right-click, then save, then print!