Flowers and Fruit Stands

Nope, I'm not hiding another watermelon under my dress.... ;) 

erin morris fruit stand 0017.jpg

One of the biggest blessings of being a California girl is almost instant-access a lot of the year to fresh, organic, DELICIOUS fruit. I have always loved driving through the citrus trees to the coast. In college, when I needed to be alone and clear my head and pray, I would hop in the car and take this drive (think Disney's California Adventure "Soaring" ride when they spray the citrus scent as you fly over all the orchards? There.) 

My most consistent and biggest pregnancy craving has been fresh juicy strawberries and citrus! Last week we took a drive through my current favorite place and let me tell you, it was a dreamy experience -- the sunshine, scents, and tastes are divine and I am so thankful to live right here where we do! 

Also, I wore this flowy floral dress from Seraphine and it is just so dreamy and comfy. It would also totally work non-pregnant so I am gonna continue to wear it! Thanks Seraphine!