It's a...

It's a..... BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so so over the moon thrilled to have a SON! We are just thrilled and so grateful. I can't believe we get to have a little baby boy to love on and I pray and hope he grows up to be a man just as godly, strong, sweet and a man of character... just his amazing daddy ;) 

A proud and very, very excited daddy to be :) 

I am 25 weeks along and it's truly been the sweetest pregnancy! Week 8 - 14 I had some nausea that was pretty much constant, but it really wasn't that terrible compared to so many women I know. I felt SO exhausted during those weeks, more than any time in my life! And slept so much. But by week 14/15, those symptoms totally went away and since then I've just felt better than ever in my life -- so grateful it's been so smooth and wonderful. We are just thrilled and cannot wait for our little one to get here! What a gift to experience pregnancy and welcoming a new life into our little family. I always knew life was a miracle...but now? I am just blown away by the Lord's hand on creating us all -- so specifically, purposefully, fearfully and wonderfully! 

Means so much to share our joy with you!!! We are so excited and thankful! 

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