Welcome To My New Blog!

Hi beautiful readers! It's Erin! And I'm here on an all-new blog, so excited to share life with you again. 

My life has been full to the brim of so much joy and newness lately -- I just got married to my wonderful Daniel on May 16, and we are happily settling into newlywed life. I've been an on and off blogger for a while now, and felt it was time for a blog facelift, URL change, and update! Be sure to check out my (extra-long) new FAQ page, About Me page, and my new posts as I share. I'm excited to start posting our wedding photos and story... the week before our wedding, our wedding weekend, and our honeymoon were a dream come true and an answered prayer! The Lord has been so kind. I've also been working hard on a new project since we got married that I'll be announcing soon, so stay tuned for that ;) My "old" blog will still be there. But, here at itserinmorris.com you can still find all my old posts in "archives" on my side bar :) 

For now, just wanted to start by sharing some sweet moments from our wedding month. A sneak peek of what's to come! Stories and more photos soon. 

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