At Long Last Update

Update on the release of "At Long Last: A Story of Love + Hope" - friends! 💞 As you who pre-ordered know, the book's release date was tomorrow.... I have to announce that the date's going to be a little delayed.... I received the first shipment of 500 books and found they are all full of some faded pages and a few other major printing errors. I am working with a printer to reprint them as we speak, but it will be some days of delay 💛 My heart is that this product is excellent & quality for my sweet readers & something you'll have nestled in your bookshelf forever! Thank you for understanding & for your precious support & patience - I'll be sending the books out as soon as I get them & will keep you updated these next few days! If I can be totally honest for a moment, this book is the #1hardest thing I've ever done. There have been so SO many times during this writing & self-publishing process that I've cried, thrown up my hands, said "forget it", and (even this weekend) faced hurdles clearly set out by the Enemy to discourage me, spiritual warfare that makes me want to give up on this project & ministry. Some in the form of mis-printed books, some in mean haters tearing me down... But I keep on pressing on, because I believe Jesus will be glorified through this & I pray someone will be encouraged & given hope through the words I wrote for Him. Please pray for us as we push this through this week & make it to the finish line! "I am confident that He who began a good work in you will continue to perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus." (Phil 1:6)  We have to keep believing & keep shining, in our callings & work...even in discouragement & trials. Thanks for your support, dear friends! I treasure each of you & am praying over each name on my pre-order list.... And I'll keep you posted when I receive the new shipment and thank you so much for understanding & for your love. After this process, I'll share a blog post on what I've learned to help other writers - it's been a crazy journey but will be so worth it. Love y'all and so grateful for each of you 😘 (& special thanks to my mama & husband for allllll they've done to keep this going!)

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